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Our Vision:

An America Where Every Veteran Has Safe & Accessible Housing 

Veteran Family

Our Programs

Housing Rehab

This program significantly enhances the quality of life for low-income veterans by rehabilitating their residences at no cost. It is dedicated to addressing the fundamental elements of a healthy home and adhering to HUD's standards, ensuring healthier and safer living environments for our deserving veterans.

Construction Training

Our program offers transitioning service members top-notch training in carpentry and construction management. It also provides nonprofit management internships through Operation Lifeline Inc. and facilitates military internships for businesses. Graduates gain essential skills for immediate, rewarding careers.

Affordable Housing

Non-Military Applicants Welcome

Homeownership should be achievable for anyone willing to make the effort. Operation Lifeline is actively engaged in developing multiple strategic partnerships aimed at transforming the dream of homeownership into a tangible reality for hardworking members of the workforce in northeast Florida.

From Our Founder...

          I began Operation Lifeline Inc. in 2022, not long after I retired from the Air Force. Following a career of military service, I offered my time and experience to Saint Johns County and was appointed to the Housing Finance Authority. In this position, I was shocked to learn about the challenges our lower-income families (including many veterans) were experiencing due to the soaring housing market. I was particularly disappointed to hear the indifference expressed by many in the local communities and those in positions to help.

          During my 26+ years of Air Force service, I travelled to countless countries and communities to help those in need. It was always the mission I enjoyed most, and I came to the realization that my service and mission could continue here at home. Upon founding the organization, I was floored by the immediate support Operation Lifeline received from the local governments, and I quickly began finding wonderful individuals who were eager to invest their time to help veterans.

          If you are like-minded, we would love your support. If you are a struggling veteran, know that you are not alone. We would love to make your home safer improving quality of life for you and yours.


Erick L. Saks, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

Executive Director, Operation Lifeline Inc.



Florida is among the top states for veterans to call home


Florida veterans live in homes with one or more major problems


Estimated number of homeless veterans in Florida

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