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At Operation Lifeline Inc., we believe in empowering veterans and their families with the keys to stable and secure futures. Our Homeownership Program is designed to make the dream of owning a home a reality for those who have dedicated their lives to serving our country. 

Introducing Lifeline Landing

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Lifeline Landing is our pioneering effort, dedicated to crafting a close-knit community of affordable homes for veterans, side by side. Our vision is set on a 2-acre plot of previously neglected land in the heart of Green Cove Springs, nestled within the picturesque Clay County.

Our intent is simple yet profound: to construct a vibrant 6-home subdivision, where homeownership dreams become a reality.

Lifeline Landing isn't just about bricks and mortar; it's about building a community, a support system, and a brighter future for our veterans.



Here's what makes it unique:

  1. Affordable Living: We leverage a range of financial programs to ensure that our veterans can purchase homes without the heavy financial burden.

  2. Community Connection: Our vision is not just to provide homes but to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our veteran homeowners.

  3. Green Cove Springs: A charming location in Clay County, known for its serene beauty and welcoming atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for Lifeline Landing.


Your New Beginning Awaits

Lifeline Landing is more than just a housing project; it's a chance for veterans to establish roots, create lasting memories, and enjoy the benefits of homeownership. Join us in this remarkable journey toward a brighter future.

Basic Program Requirements

We believe in opening doors to homeownership for our deserving veterans. To become a part of the Lifeline Landing community, we ask that applicants meet some basic requirements:

  1. Clay County Residency: Lifeline Landing is designed for those who call Clay County home. We welcome veterans who are current residents of this vibrant community.

  2. Income Eligibility: To ensure affordability, our program is designed for veterans with incomes that fall within the federal limits for support. We're here to assist those who need it most.

  3. Limited Assets: Lifeline Landing is about providing support where it's needed most. As such, we consider applicants with limited assets, focusing on helping those who may not have had the opportunity for homeownership otherwise.


Explore Our Vision

Learn more about Lifeline Landing, our partners, and how you can get involved. Together, we're shaping a community where veterans thrive and dreams take flight.

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