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Application Documents

When applying for assistance you will need to provide specific documentation to help us understand your situation better.

We understand that the application requirements for this program may seem overwhelming at first glance. We encourage you to complete the paperwork to the best of your ability, and while we recommend filling in all sections, don't stress if you miss a few details.

The required paperwork falls into two categories: items needed for the homeowner and items required for every individual aged 18 years and older in the household.

You can conveniently submit the required materials to us through email or text.

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CDBG Application

Release of Liability 

Proof of Service (DD-214)

Resident Income Certification


Pre-Renovation Form

VA Disability Award Letter

(if applicable)

Complaint Appeal Procedures

Mortgage Statement

Birth Certificates for

Minors in Household

(if applicable)

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Verification of Assets

Communication Confirmation

Child Support Affidavit

(if applicable)

Verification of Employment 

(if applicable)

Soc Sec Information Purpose

Driver's License & Soc Sec Card

Unemployment Affidavit 

(if applicable)

Release of Information

VA Disability Award Letter

(if applicable)

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At Operation Lifeline Inc., we are dedicated to assisting veterans and their families in achieving safe and stable housing while promoting financial responsibility. To ensure transparency and clarity, we outline the following financial obligations for homeowners who participate in our programs:


1. Deferred Payment Loan: In some cases, homeowners may have a zero-interest deferred payment CDBG loan/mortgage as part of their assistance. This loan is forgivable at a rate of 5 percent per year for 20 years, prorated on a monthly basis, provided that the home remains owner-occupied and all requirements of the deferred payment loan and subsequent mortgage are met.

2. Assistance Repayment: Homeowners who sell, refinance, or transfer their assisted property within a specified timeframe may be required to repay a portion of the financial assistance received. The repayment amount is typically determined based on the terms and conditions of the assistance agreement.

3. Subordination Agreement: If a homeowner seeks to refinance or obtain new mortgages secured by the property, they must adhere to the terms and conditions of the St. Johns County State Housing Initiatives Partnership Rehabilitation Program Subordination Agreement. This ensures that the financial assistance provided remains in compliance with the program's guidelines.


4. Repayment Due to Misrepresentation: Operation Lifeline Inc. reserves the right to seek repayment of any assistance received if it is discovered that false or misleading information was provided during the application process. Homeowners are expected to provide accurate and truthful information throughout their participation in our programs.


We understand that individual circumstances may change over time, and we are here to work with homeowners to find solutions that align with their financial needs and the program's requirements. Our goal is to ensure that our support remains accessible to those who genuinely need it while fostering responsible homeownership within our veteran community.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your financial obligations, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to assist you in navigating these responsibilities and achieving your housing goals.

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